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The IT sector has been recognized as an integral part of economic development. In a developing country, the IT profession faces the some challenges as a nation faces to become a developed nation. Rapid computerization & coming multinationals has created a huge gulf between the demand and supply of IT professionals in our country. Millions of Job have opened up, majority of which remains unfilled due to the non- availability of qualified professionals. Not only this, Indian professionals are much sought after and in huge demand in many foreign countries.

At the same time, increasing pressure has put the pressure on industry and therefore, there are expectation of high quality of service from the professionals, who are required to maintain at the same time their level of Integrity and excellence. Adequate knowledge of computer, detailed theoretical / practical knowledge of various subjects like accountancy and English speaking skills too are essential requirements for filling these vacancies. Moreover, increasing number of work has shifted to computer, that too on specialized software like Tally and several more. Today, all the work – ranging from computing the Income Tax, Sales Tax and/or VAT, distributing the salaries and maintaining the accounts has shifted to computer.

Never before has India needed such a vast number of IT Professionals, to service its corporate and industrial sector. It is expected that these IT Professionals will be hugely responsible for making India the Economic Superpower. The profession is gearing up and getting oriented to realize the virtues of opportunities and IT Zone Infotech is facilitating this process by helping them having suitable knowledge and skill set.
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